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Here’s an interview I did awhile go with relationship and business guru Rori Raye about “Having It All” in work and love.
In this interview, Rori and I discuss how to combine your masculine and feminine energies and use them to create incredible success in your work life AND your love life.
You can listen to the interview here:


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    2 replies to "My Interview With Rori Raye On "Having It All" In Work And Love"

    • Christina

      Hi Helena — I enjoyed listening to your conversation with Rori! I feel what I’m learning is that the less “self” focused I become (self-conscious, self-judging, self-questioning), my focus naturally turns outward toward using my gifts/talents to help others — and the easier it is to “just be”! Your points about not “managing” your husband and not feeling guilty about receiving when he wants to give to you are really great. I look forward to keeping that in mind as my own relationship continues to grow and deepen! I love reading your blog and listening to your teleclasses as a way to have a soul connection with other women striving improve their communication with men and broaden their expression of love in the world.

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Christina,
        Thank you so much!! I love what you said about how the less you judge and question yourself, the more you can naturally use your talents and gifts to help others. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about the big transformations you’ve made in your own love life as well!
        Love, Helena

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