If You’re Going Through A Difficult Time In Life Or Love, Do This…


If you’re going through a difficult time in life or love, I know exactly how frustrating and hopeless that can feel.

When we’re feeling miserable or we feel like we’ve made a mistake – when things aren’t working out for us and we feel responsible for everything – the first person we typically want to blame is ourselves, and that never does us any good!

When you learn how to stop beating yourself up, you can start organically moving towards the life and relationship you want, instead of staying stuck where you are in the moment.

Here are some things you can say to yourself when you’re going through a difficult time to restructure any negative thoughts and start turning things around:

Things are ALWAYS working out for me.

Since things are always working out for me, there must be value in this.

The way I feel does not need to be tied to the current set of circumstances.

 I have complete control over the direction of my thoughts. I can choose increasingly better-feeling thoughts – thoughts of hopefulness and positive expectation.

 I have the ability to change my mood right now.

There’s no rush. I have plenty of time.

 I don’t have to figure it all out this minute.

I no longer have to “defend” where I stand.

When I feel frustrated, discouraged or overwhelmed, I only focus on the solution (rather than staying “stuck” in the problem).

It’s going to get easier and easier for me.

 It’s natural for things to turn out well for me.

 Things are unfolding exactly the way they’re supposed to.

 This is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.

 I know all of the answers are inside of me.

 I am safe and secure – and my needs will always be met, now and forever.

 I believe, know and trust I am loved.

When I focus simply on how I want to FEEL, the universe always responds by sending me everything that will support that feeling.

 I trust the timing of my life – and I trust MYSELF more than anyone. This allows me to make the best decisions for myself, which ultimately benefits everyone around me.

 All of my dreams and desires are inevitable, I only need to allow them “in.”

My only job is to live a happy life NOW.

Attracting what you want in life and love doesn’t have to be “hard work”! All that’s required is removing what’s blocking your desires from coming towards you – and learning EXACTLY how to tap into your innate Feminine Energy in a way that attracts everything you want.

Once you’re aware of your heart’s true desires, you need to align your ENERGY and BELIEFS to those desires in order to start attracting them easily. That’s what The Feminine Art Of Attraction system will do for you.

The Feminine Art Of Attraction is about overcoming the energetic “disconnect” with men and money so you can attract all the love and abundance you desire.



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I hope these affirmations were helpful, let me know which ones resonated with you!

Love, Helena

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    • Sam

      I love the message! Thank you so much for these words!

    • Akankwasa PHIONA

      Thank you so much

    • Sophia

      Is a nice message , and you learn more Things .

      Thanks so much

    • Mary

      Hi Ms. Helena,


      Thank you because it’s makes me help to more encourage myself that “I believe,know and trust I’m in loved “. Actually it’s timing that I read this because this days I’m in difficult life and love . Hopefully I can positive success to survive. 😊😊

    • Nancy

      I love the messages in each of the affirmations…. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m putting each one on a small card to carry with me so I can have them to use if needed. I find writing them down helps me absorb them, too. Than you so much for all the positive energy to send.

      • Mary

        Hi yes Helena because I needed. I’m happy and Thank you so much. 😊😊 ❤

    • Venkatesh A

      Lovely message! Great! Thank you with love

    • Idris Bamigboye

      I duly appreciate, than you may think of. U ‘re a partner In Success.

    • Barbra

      Wow, thanks very much for beautiful message

    • Elaine

      Can I win my ex back when we have broke off for 2 years now. We have been together for 16 years. He is in constant touch with me, either looking for temporary jobs from me, sometimes we end in quarrel, it hurts.
      He is with a woman 3 year his senior, very obsessive and commanding for 3 years now, I only knew when he broke off with me in early 2017. He said he is in love with her and will not come back to me. He would like us to be friend but I feel hurt when I saw him texting her when he is with me.
      I am younger than him 5 years.I still care and love him, is there any chance that I could win him back.

      • La

        You need to move on Cos it’s hurting u so bad! One day u will find someone special to you! This is frm male perspective

    • Lynda Abdo

      These are great affirmations, and I think you’ve nailed it on the head. The problem of course is discipling the “worry” mind so it goes along with your heart’s desires. Great introduction to your product. Will seriously consider purchasing it at a future date (only because I am currently in several classes.)

    • Bren

      Dear Helena my ex friend/potential boyfriend walked away from me 1yr and4mths ago. It left me traumatised still struggling with feeling low sad and anger. He saw me once week for 2yrs. He decided when he saw me and I was easy going about it as I wasn’t working so it was fine. He took me on drives to visit new places on his day off work (he was taxi driver self employed) and was generous with buying me meals out restaurants takeaways, cinema couple concerts. He was into photography and wanted to take photos of me mostly on these outings (some with both of us) ended up giving me whole compilation of so many photos taken on outings put them into digital photo frame for me. He said at beginning of us getting reconnected again after breakup for Yr that “he wished he didn’t have to work so much so that he could spend more time with me” He did a bit at beginning then it just became the once week. He very seldom texted me and never really phoned me when in between we weren’t seeing each other. I was mainly the one to initiate contact whic was occassionly for which he always replied sometimes quite quickly other times good bit longer. I know I was struggling with my own issues feeling down sometime as not working and with a strained relationship with my 22 Yr old daughter of which I had confided in him with my struggles which caused me stress. He was always working long hours in the day eve while I was sitting at home feeling very lonely which of course didn’t help. He was my only friend and confidant though when things sometimes would overwhelm me I would close into myself and sometimes not say anything to him. I sometimes didn’t feel supported by him and some other times I did. He told me he could be negative in thinking and sometimes felt bit down himself at times but he just worked through it and his work kept him going I think. When we both did meet up we both said we were doing OK and always had a pleasant time in each others company hillwalking seeing places. He was thoughtful and generous when out with him and didn’t want me to spend any money as I didn’t work. I have to say my relationship with him was more than friendship though we weren’t sleeping together but he wanted to with me as he told me he was attracted to me and had strong feelings for me. I was attracted to him as a person things we had in common but I wasn’t attracted to his appearance.but I cared a lot for him and lprobabaly loved him I think because my feeling for him was genuine. I just didn’t fully trust him in some things he said like when we got together again after first time apart for Yr he said soon after “I’m not using you” this came out at random when we had just got together again. I thought what a strange thing to say as I hadn’t provoked it from him also he said soon after that was “if we ever break up I would still keep your photo I wouldn’t delete it” and showing me couple pics of his ex girlfriend as he had told me she was very pretty. He hadn’t deleted her photo and said he would do so soon when I asked him about it. His relationship with her lasted 3 mths and said he had to get away from her as she was nuts accusing him of cheating and being jealous when he was spending his time just working. Anyway he walked away from me after spending week before on day out we had nice day out and he seemed usual self pleasant company then after day out he texted me to tell me thanks for your company enjoyed yesterday. I texted back same then he never contacted me to arrange another outing on that week but bumped into him at local restaurant he looking down in dumps and sat at other table till he came over when waitress pointed that I was there. He said he was down but told me it was just about him not making progress with the organisation of his house(which he never had invited me to his home because it was too disorganised though he was in my home) when we finished meal he tells me see you around. Anyway I was upset as knew he was wanting out. I became hurt and emotional angry and wanted to know what was reason for his contradictory behaviour as I saw it but he seemed cool and calm about things and never explained his feelings to me almost that he didn’t care about things or me. I was confused sad angry. After many texts he told me he hadn’t discarded me but left to protect his fragile sanity. I felt insulted. He was blaming me for his going away. He told me he had to put on his own oxygen mask first. I had asked him later what he wanted when we were together and he said my company full relationship but it got too difficult when I turned on him. I didn’t turn on him but I admit during very difficult time I retaliated and said very hurtful comment to him when I felt he was being heartless when I just wanted his understanding and support when had fall out with my daughter. I did apologise to him but he was obviously carrying grudge and unable to let it go. He had said very hurtful remark to me when I was feeling very low and it made me feel worse so I retaliated out of hurt and hurt him back. Which he never forgets. I feel their were red flags there that I put to the back of my mind because I wanted to be with him and just wanted to see him in a good way. He asks me why I’m so resentful toward him why can’t I forgive as for the most part he was good to me and he’s not a bad person that I should just remember the nice times as there were many nice days out we went. I tried to reach out to him. I told him that I missed him to which he replied I miss your company also. Told me I’m in his thoughts often. I reached out to him first was going on holiday invited me along wanted me to tell him in couple hours as he was going to book but I declined as haven’t seen him in over Yr ..and still feeling anger toward him for abandoning me. He was going to pay for everything just like that! never asked me properly how I am. Last leg was I just wanted to see him to talk because I still missed him wanted to see how it went still dealing with hurt and anger so I texted if we could talk. He was on holiday last August and texted back that we could when he came back from holiday. I got text three weeks after from him saying he could pick me up next day to chat.I I texted back to say I was busy this week but free next Thursday and if we could meet then. He didn’t reply to my text only after month he replied saying I contacted him month ago he phoned me but I didn’t answer (which of course he didn’t call) and that I was rude but never mind then saying he doesn’t know what I’m playing at. (I wasn’t playing anything) He never called just two texts but he didn’t mention those texts just call. Then says he doesn’t know why I gave him false hope when I contacted him. I contacted him to meet but in a weeks time as I told him I was busy(I said that to test him not make out I was sitting waiting on him) was that unreasonable of me? I hadn’t seen him in about nearly year. Anyway went from bad to worse after that. I ignored his text because he hadn’t responded to my text in a month then lying that he called and accusing me of playing games which was hurtful! After me reaching out. So I ignored him after that then because I ignore his texts he calls and I ignored it. He leaves message saying he tried to call me several times but with no joy which is him lying there were no previous calls so he threatens me to respond by saying he wants cds back and if I don’t respond he will have no choice but to take legal proceedings against me. What! But then admits that was just cheeky text to get me to respond which I did then he says Oh I’m So Glad Your OK thought something had happened to you. Reason I asked for stuff back was so we could meet face to face alas did not happen sad we didn’t meet. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this Helena no yes I do you must be an expert on relationships and I would like your input/comments hopefully good advice. I would be so grateful. I’m still trying to get over my loss/hurt I feel sad it’s ended this way as I really did care for him /about him. Because I’m still trying to deal with hurt and anger I was hurtful to him. and told him in last text to him “goodriddance to bad rubbish”. I know its hurtful and harsh but it’s because he discarded with me in the ways he did that’s why I said it out of pain and rejection. In a way it was freeing but in another I don’t want to be a horrible person and feel Im hurting him for hurting me and its not right. I was thinking of apologising then I’ve said no why should? I just didn’t want him to go but there again if he wasn’t really for me. It was prob for the best. He thinks I’m crazy chick!. Please could you keep this email private.. I hope you can help some with this. Thanks Helena. Any comments of yours I would be grateful for. Bren

    • Nafuna lydia

      Wonderful good job am blessed thanks very much

    • Joyce

      Thank you so much I need that going through a lot love and money problem.

    • Ernestine

      Thanks so much. It gives me more encouragement.

    • Ellen

      Helena and the rest of the staff at Commitment Connection, your timely newsletters feel like a warm letter from a long trusted friend.
      I look forward to them knowing you support me in my efforts to be the best I can be. This one today is a ‘saver’. Thank you. Please keep them coming.

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