If You’re Going Through A Difficult Time In Life Or Love, Do This…


If you’re going through a difficult time in life or love, I know exactly how frustrating and hopeless that can feel.

When we’re feeling miserable or we feel like we’ve made a mistake – when things aren’t working out for us and we feel responsible for everything – the first person we typically want to blame is ourselves, and that never does us any good!

When you learn how to stop beating yourself up, you can start organically moving towards the life and relationship you want, instead of staying stuck where you are in the moment.

Here are some things you can say to yourself when you’re going through a difficult time to restructure any negative thoughts and start turning things around:

Things are ALWAYS working out for me.

Since things are always working out for me, there must be value in this.

The way I feel does not need to be tied to the current set of circumstances.

 I have complete control over the direction of my thoughts. I can choose increasingly better-feeling thoughts – thoughts of hopefulness and positive expectation.

 I have the ability to change my mood right now.

There’s no rush. I have plenty of time.

 I don’t have to figure it all out this minute.

I no longer have to “defend” where I stand.

When I feel frustrated, discouraged or overwhelmed, I only focus on the solution (rather than staying “stuck” in the problem).

It’s going to get easier and easier for me.

 It’s natural for things to turn out well for me.

 Things are unfolding exactly the way they’re supposed to.

 This is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.

 I know all of the answers are inside of me.

 I am safe and secure – and my needs will always be met, now and forever.

 I believe, know and trust I am loved.

When I focus simply on how I want to FEEL, the universe always responds by sending me everything that will support that feeling.

 I trust the timing of my life – and I trust MYSELF more than anyone. This allows me to make the best decisions for myself, which ultimately benefits everyone around me.

 All of my dreams and desires are inevitable, I only need to allow them “in.”

My only job is to live a happy life NOW.

Attracting what you want in life and love doesn’t have to be “hard work”! All that’s required is removing what’s blocking your desires from coming towards you – and learning EXACTLY how to tap into your innate Feminine Energy in a way that attracts everything you want.

Once you’re aware of your heart’s true desires, you need to align your ENERGY and BELIEFS to those desires in order to start attracting them easily. That’s what The Feminine Art Of Attraction system will do for you.

The Feminine Art Of Attraction is about overcoming the energetic “disconnect” with men and money so you can attract all the love and abundance you desire.



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I hope these affirmations were helpful, let me know which ones resonated with you!

Love, Helena

    7 replies to "If You’re Going Through A Difficult Time In Life Or Love, Do This…"

    • Sam

      I love the message! Thank you so much for these words!

    • Akankwasa PHIONA

      Thank you so much

    • Sophia

      Is a nice message , and you learn more Things .

      Thanks so much

    • Mary

      Hi Ms. Helena,


      Thank you because it’s makes me help to more encourage myself that “I believe,know and trust I’m in loved “. Actually it’s timing that I read this because this days I’m in difficult life and love . Hopefully I can positive success to survive. 😊😊

    • Nancy

      I love the messages in each of the affirmations…. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m putting each one on a small card to carry with me so I can have them to use if needed. I find writing them down helps me absorb them, too. Than you so much for all the positive energy to send.

      • Mary

        Hi yes Helena because I needed. I’m happy and Thank you so much. 😊😊 ❤

    • Venkatesh A

      Lovely message! Great! Thank you with love

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