I always say that the way to connect to a man’s heart is always through your OWN heart first.
Many women try to connect to a man’s heart through a physical or mental connection, but the ONLY way a man falls deeply in love is through a heart-to-heart connection.
Having strong physical chemistry or a great mental connection are amazing things – but a man has to feel emotionally attracted to you in order to fall in love and want to commit to you forever.
One powerful way to create a deep heart-to-heart connection with a man is by opening up emotionally to him – by getting in touch with and expressing your feelings.
A man will feel intensely attracted and connected to a woman who’s in touch with her feelings and living in her feminine energy – when she’s fully experiencing life, slowing down and getting inside of every moment.
When done correctly, this will captivate a man and make him feel compelled to come CLOSER to you.
If you missed the live Facebook video I did with Adrienne Everheart on EXACTLY how to connect deeply with a man’s heart by opening up emotionally to him, you can watch it here (this was one of my favorite live videos I’ve ever done!):

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    2 replies to "How To Connect With A Man's Heart By Opening Up Emotionally To Him"

    • Cin

      Thank you guys. I just realized with this video. I’ve been watching and reading you since a while and I thought i wasn’t doing things correctly since my results were half way, but now i realized the results I’ve been having were on myself healing and becoming a “feeling” being.
      Greetings from Argentina

      • Helena Hart

        You’re very welcome! I’m so glad this was helpful for you! ❤️
        Love, Helena

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