Here’s a powerful tool to help you tap into your feminine energy and bring a man closer than ever before:

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    4 replies to "How To Bring A Man Closer Using Your Feminine Energy"

    • Colleen

      Great video Helena!!! XOXO

      • Helena Hart

        Thanks Colleen! I’m glad you enjoyed it. ❤️
        Love, Helena

    • Celeste

      So, Friday a gentleman asked me out for today, 2/18/18. And I had said no because I was scheduled to work. However, my shift was canceled and i was free. I sent him a text and told him what happened. I said, i know its short notice, but If you would still lime to hangout. My afternoon opened up. He responded, yes after 9.
      Is this an example of me stepping into my masculine energy? Was this something i should not of done?

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Celeste, great question! Since he was the one to ask you out in the first place, I think this is perfectly fine.
        Everything always depends on where you’re coming from – if you have zero attachment to the outcome or the result, you’re good! On the other hand, if you would have been really disappointed if he were no longer available, I would have suggested not reaching in that moment. It sounds like you did great!
        Love, Helena

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