How To Attract And Keep The Love You Want – FREE Online Retreat!

Did you know that everything you need to access a life filled with joy, passion and LOVE is already inside of you?
And, more importantly, even if you’re running up against blocks when it comes to receiving these things, you CAN transform your life by transforming your energy?
It’s true! And here’s where it gets even better:
Right now, you can join me and several other healers, energy workers and coaches to begin that transformation during a FREE online retreat, hosted by my friend Cole Bombino.
Cole is an intuitive love healer who’s brought together experts, healers and transformational teachers (including me!) for a two-week online event, and you’re invited to join us at no cost – from the comfort of your own home!
It’s called Radiate Love: How To Attract And Keep The Love You Want, and it begins on March 1st.

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When you join us for this amazing two-week online retreat, you’ll rediscover the love that’s already within you, so you can shed the layers of what’s keeping you from experiencing it.
Even better – you’ll open up to RECEIVING it!
Each day, we’ll lead you through powerful love practices and exercises designed to guide you in real and lasting transformation.
Through mindfulness practices, chakra work, energetic healings, and vibrational shifts that you’ll experience during the sessions, you’ll begin to clear the blocks and patterns that have stopped you from accessing the LOVE you crave – the love that leads to ultimate joy!
We’ll focus on topics such as how to:

Strengthen your communication skills
Tap into you feminine energy
Manifest a partner and relationship
Gain a better understanding of the opposite sex
Clear blocks and patterns that stop you from experiencing love

You’ll also experience energetic healings and actual shiftings of your vibrations during the sessions, as you open up to receiving!
As an added bonus, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group where attendees can share stories, ideas, thoughts and love – as well as free gifts from each expert!
You walk away from this two-week event with what you need to see life from a positive, open hearted, loving, joyful place – as you welcome love into your whole existence.
It’s time to stop wondering what you’re doing “wrong” when it comes to attracting love. It’s time to stop struggling, and to put an end to the negative patterns that keep you stuck.
What I love most about this retreat is that you’ll actually shift your energy during the sessions. This means your transformation really can begin as soon as March 1st!

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