My friend and colleague Mike Goldstein was in relationship a number of years ago.
He was in love and felt happiness, joy and excitement for a future with his girlfriend.
However, after moving their long distance relationship to the same city his girlfriend cheated on him with a close friend. Mike was devastated and cried his eyes out for 3 months straight.
Once he picked himself up, he started reading every book he could get his hands on to figure out why his relationship failed. Soon Mike realized he didn’t understand women at all and was pushing his girlfriend away.
Since then, he has vowed to teach the world about dating, relationships, sex, and understanding the differences between men and woman. He has taken his mission very seriously.
In the last 7 months he spoken to 150 experts around the world. He narrowed that list down to 33 experts. Mike interviewed all 33 experts (including me!) and now he wants to share it with you for FREE!

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Unlike other summits, Mike has broken his interviews into three sections:

1. How To Love Yourself – (Self-Improvement)

2. How To Find Love – (Dating Advice)

3. How To Keep Love Forever – (Relationship Advice)

We’ll be answering the following questions and much more in the Get Love Now Summit:

Why do you keep attracting emotionally unavailable men?

 Why do men disappear?

 What’s the biggest turn-off smart, successful women unknowingly lead with on a date that pushes men away?

 What is the #1 quality men are attracted to?

 What are the three primary things you can do to make any man want to commit?

 How can you attract a high-quality man NOW?

 How do you keep a relationship happy, passionate and successful for life?

Want to know the answers? You can register for free by CLICKING HERE.
If you register in the next 24 hours, Mike will send you a FREE copy of How To Find a High Quality Man in 3 Easy Steps and The Main Reason You Are Choosing The Wrong Men.
This information has gotten 83% of Mike’s clients into relationships within 6 months.

Click here to register for this FREE online summit: Get Love Now!

This free online event starts on October 24th – I hope to see you there (I’ll be watching all of the interviews myself)!
Helena Hart

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