Does Playing "Hard To Get" Work To Attract A Man?

Here’s a short video I made to answer a question I got from a reader about whether or not playing “hard to get” works to attract a man.
In my experience (and in the experiences of my clients), there’s a BIG difference between playing “hard to get” and having a high Degree of Difficulty – and I explain this difference in the video.


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4 thoughts on “Does Playing "Hard To Get" Work To Attract A Man?”

  1. Helena, you look GORGEOUS and you speak words of wisdom. The man who put that ring on your finger is one lucky guy! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Helena,
    I appreciate how you are making the distinction between “playing games” and “being authentic.” I feel being true to yourself is actually being true to your highest nature. It’s tempting to try to be something that you think someone else wants, instead of being what makes you feel the most harmonious and peaceful. In my experience, being peacefully centered instead of calculating/analyzing is what men are most drawn to in a woman.

    1. Christina – YES!! I love what you said here, it’s so true! It can be tempting to get into analyzing and trying to use games or strategies when it comes to men, but the right man for you will be drawn to you because of your AUTHENTIC self – while games and strategies will actually push good, masculine-energy men away.
      Love, Helena

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