Conscious Relationship Seeker Series – FREE Online Event!

Have you always felt on some intuitive level that you really do have everything you need inside of you to establish self-love, attract conscious relationships, and experience a peaceful and JOYFUL state of mind?
You know that nagging feeling that if you just knew how to unlock the door to the power of your OWN “inner voice” that you’d finally bring joy to your life, find self-love, and attract an amazing relationship?
My friend and colleague, Farida Gipson Burtt, has created a single resource for you where you can receive all of the tools and strategies you need to truly embody self-love and attract conscious relationships.
This series is about getting REAL with yourself through productive techniques of finding fulfillment within. I’m so excited to be a part of this virtual event, which starts on January 11th!
Farida brought together 21 masterful, inspiring speakers – which include psychologists, Life and Health Coaches, Dating and Relationship Coaches, professional speakers, radio show hosts and authors – all are sharing this “virtual podium” to give YOU the answers you’ve been seeking.

Click here to sign up for this FREE series! 

This series will provide proven practices, personal experiences, resources and free gifts – all in one place!
You’ll walk away with more inspiration, education, tools and takeaways than you could ever imagine, including how to…

Find real purpose for your life and believe change IS possible.

Create peace in your mind and your life with tools to EMPOWER you.

Discover the true source of your self-love.

Make your MIND your greatest asset to creating self-love, consciousness and joy.

Decide you’re WORTHY of the love you desire, and follow the few steps to achieve results.

Develop true joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in your life.

Attract and maintain an extraordinary relationship, built on love, commitment and trust!

If you’re ready to become empowered with your own happiness and have a truly love-filled life, click here to sign up for this FREE series!    

I look forward to seeing you on the summit!
Love, Helena

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