Here’s a powerful tool from my new program, “Stop Attracting The Wrong Men… So You Can Attract The Right One!” 

This will help you shift your vibe no matter where you’re at in your love life.

Let’s say you’re used to attracting men who hurt or abandon you – or you’re not getting all the love, affection and commitment you want in your relationship.

What’s often going on is that “little girl” inside of you who may have been abandoned or mistreated is still trying to get that love through the type of men you’re attracting – you’re trying to heal that wound.

Deep down there may be a part of you that thinks, “If I can just get this man to love me, that will mean I’m lovable and worthwhile.” The problem is, you’re never going to heal that wound through trying to “get” the love you’re seeking from a man.

The feeling of being “worth loving” doesn’t come from outside of you – it comes from INSIDE of you.

The focus shouldn’t be outside of you – trying to convince someone to overcome obstacles and “choose” you or love you won’t prove anything. I can tell you from experience, that’s just not a game you’re ever going to win.

You’ll still end up feeling empty on the inside until you learn how to fill YOURSELF up with love. The first step is taking a look at what’s going on with you emotionally.

You want to start thinking of ALL of your emotions as your “best friends” – they’re indicators that things are going well, or that something is amiss.

Here’s an exercise that will give you something to do with your emotions so you can overcome this and start attracting the right kind of men (this works well for ANY strong emotion you’re feeling, regardless of the situation):

1. When you think about the current state of your love life, what’s the primary emotion that comes up for you? Is it fear, anger, sadness, hurt, shame, guilt – or something else? These are the emotions we work so hard to avoid. See if you can identify the primary emotion, and notice where it shows up in your body.

2. Imagine reaching into your body and pulling that emotion out of you. Hold it out in front of you, and see if it creates an image of some kind. Maybe that image has weight and mass to it, perhaps there’s energy associated with it, or maybe it’s just a picture.

3. Notice how you feel about that image. What does it look like? What color and temperature is it? What’s it doing? Does it have a voice – is it saying anything to you?

4. Now imagine floating out of your body and INTO that image, so that you can see yourself from that image’s perspective. How does that emotion see YOU? Does it see you as you are now, or does it see you as a lost or scared little girl?

5. Ask this image, “Why are you here? What’s your purpose?” Listen for the answer. It may say something like, “I’m here to help you…” or “I’m here to protect you and keep you safe.”

6. Float out of that image and back into your body, and take a look at it now. Now that you know why it’s here and what it thinks of you, ask yourself if you want to keep this emotion, or if you want to release it for good. If you want to release yourself from this image, story or emotion, what do you need in order to do that?

7. If you decide to release it, imagine that at the top of your head there’s a brilliant white light emanating peace, love and joy. Bring that white light into your head and into that empty space where that old emotion used to be. Feel that white light and the peace, love and joy REPLACING that old image and filling up your entire body. Does that feel any different to you?

We’re all programmed a certain way to attract a certain type of person – so the level at which you’re operating is directly related to the kind of men you’re attracting (and attracted TO).

The good news is, the level at which you’re operating and valuating yourself can change!

The key to overcoming this is deciding that you’re worth loving – and learning to get that love from YOURSELF first, instead of chasing love outside of yourself by trying to “win” or “earn” love from a man who’s not freely giving it to you.

Your mentality shouldn’t be, “Can I settle for this? What if this is the best I can do?” – and making decisions from a place of LACK. You want to be making decisions from a place of ABUNDANCE.

When you start believing and acting as if you deserve the total package, you’ll start attracting the total package!

When you behave in a way that’s congruent with the belief that you deserve all the love you desire, you’ll instinctively start saying “no” to anyone or anything that doesn’t measure up. That’s what puts you on the path to attracting the RIGHT kind of men and having the relationship you want.

If you’re ready to stop attracting the wrong men (so you can attract the RIGHT one!), click here to listen to a free training I hosted on this topic.

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    • Silvana

      You are so wonderful helpful thorough trustworthy know your stuff and so clever love you so much you don’t realise how much you’ve helped me lately I was so desperately down I thank God for you wish I could afford to meet you or at least have a session with you id love that xxxxxxx????☀️♥️????☀️♥️

    • Anna Gonzalez

      I love the way you write Heena and it’s all so beautiful but some of us will have it harder and rougher coz we don’t have you”re cute lovely grandma with her dance card full…. still forever grateful to you for your brilliant work.

    • Kathryn

      Thank you xo

    • Jomana Moore

      Wow Helena, what a powerful exercise. I am in tears. I can’t thank you enough for all the things I am learning from you, it’s truly life changing.

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